Monday, May 17, 2010

3 Things You Didn't See on Charlotte Today

Funny edition of Charlotte Today.  I knew it was gonna be VERY different when I got an email on Friday from Allison Andrews, the producer.  She gave me heads up that today's guests would be Coolio, the  "Gangsta's Paradise" rapper and comedian Rob Schneider from "Deuce Bigalow:  Male Gigolo."  I was not disappointed.  Rob kept reappearing on the set at times when he wasn't even supposed to be on camera and Coolio just kept doing push-ups when the camera was pointed in his direction.

What went on behind the scenes?  There were a few things the camera didn't show you:

1.  Rob trying to get Coolio interested in a vitamin company Rob's buying
2.  Coolio hitting on Colleen and me
3.  EVERYBODY on the set cracking up at Rob's jokes!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My first doll, Rose

Sorry about the sideways picture.  She was a Christmas gift and the minute I saw her I named her Rose after one of my cousins.  She still wears my cousin Rose's baby shoes!  The doll only has a few wisps of brown hair let so my mom donated one of her old wigs.  Her left arm is taped on.  I just can't bear to toss her!  Rose lives in a box in the guest room.  I've been told she is too creepy to display!  LOL